6 Reasons to Wait for the LG V60 & 4 Reasons Not to

You probably have your eyes on Samsung’s impressive new Galaxy S20 or even the Pixel 4 XL, but some of you might be better off waiting for the new LG V60 that’s coming out soon and here’s why.

The LG G8x is a neat phone with a second screen add-on, the V50 had 5G, and the company offers several budget devices for fans. If you’re looking for a new phone in early 2020 they’re all good choices. That said, waiting another month could pay off in the long run.

Unfortunately, the G8 and even the LG V50 offered marginal changes, average battery life, and didn’t quite compete with the Galaxy S10 in 2019. LG could look to change that and start this new decade off strong.

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Leak of the V60

If the fancy phones available right now with in-display cameras or crazy 3D gesture controls aren’t what you want or aren’t big enough of an upgrade, wait for something else. If you still have an LG G7 and didn’t upgrade last year, here are a few reasons why you should wait for the LG V60 ThinQ, or why maybe you shouldn’t.

 LG V60 Rumors, News & Speculation

As you probably know, LG is already working on a brand new G9 and V60 for 2020. Phones that’ll pack bigger screens, tons of cameras and 5G speeds. Plus, we’re hearing more and more that LG wants to release its flagship V-series first this year, instead of the G9, to better compete with the Galaxy S20.

And while the phone is still a few months away, we’re already starting to hear talk of a 4K screen, an in-display front camera, quad rear cameras, and other rumors. Not to mention we’re already seeing a few leaks on Twitter and around the web.

LG’s new phones appear to pack several high-end features, big battery packs, and they’ll still have a 3.5mm headphone jack — basically the last of its kind — and a few other noteworthy features like the entire screen doubling as one big speaker. Unfortunately, that leak also suggests the LG V60 could still have a notch in the screen, yet did away with the facial scanning and gesture control 3D cameras from previous models.

We could also be getting an in-display fingerprint sensor, a powerful periscope camera on the back as part of the quad-camera array, and a 4K screen. Reports claimed the G8 last year would pack not a 3K, but a 4K screen, sadly that never happened. So, 2020 might be the year LG finally delivers its groundbreaking new screen tech.

That said, it looks like the focus will be on all those microphones, a massive 5k battery, and quad cameras. As a reminder, LG recently put the “turnaround expert” from its highly successful TV division in charge of mobile, and now that he’s had time to work on products we could be in for some exciting changes.

Either way, there are some very tempting phones available right now, and in this guide we’ll take you through the best reasons to wait for LG’s V60 or why you shouldn’t wait and look elsewhere today.

Wait for a Better & Bigger LG V60

Wait for a Better & Bigger LG V60

The big LG V50 and its five total cameras is nothing to shrug off. It’s a highly capable phone packed with 5G and likely the best device we’ve ever seen from LG.

It offers excellent performance, a huge vibrant display, double the storage, and a trio of high-end cameras on the back, not to mention two more up front. It’s a great phone anyone would love, even with the large notch in the screen, but some of you might want to hold off for what’s coming next.

We don’t have a full spec sheet yet, but you can expect the company to make significant upgrades that follow the path of Samsung, Apple, OnePlus and more. 

The LG V60 should be a bigger, better, smarter, faster LG V50. It looks like we’re getting a bigger 6.7 or 6.9-inch screen, which is a first for LG, and they need to if they want to compete with Samsung and OnePlus. 

With the iPhone 11, iPhone 2020, and the new Galaxy S20 all having massive screens, LG can’t deliver a small 6.2-inch LG G9 and a slightly bigger 6.4-inch V60 if they want to compete. So, we think it’ll be bigger, and recent leaks suggest exactly that. The video below shows a phone that’s apparently 6.7-inches in size.

We’ll get a new processor (Snapdragon 865) with improved performance and gaming, better battery life, Android 10, and great speakers. Yes, they’ll return the sound-on display technology

If you aren’t thrilled with the V50 design, like me, just know that something better could be coming this year. There’s no way things stay the same, especially with what we’re seeing from the rest of the competition. Then again, we thought the same thing last year and LG disappointed us. 

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