6 Tips To Consider Before To Sell A Preowned Alienware Laptop

If you have taken proper care to your Alienware laptop, you can resell it and expect good value. 

Alienware laptops are synonymous with truly performance machines. The brand is well-known in the gaming world for its state-of-art graphics, power, cooling systems and durability. These powerful machines are designed to recreate desktop experience on-the-go. These are some of the reasons for Alienware laptops to hold value. If you are a proud owner of an Alienware laptop, and you are looking to upgrade the device, reselling your Alienware machine can give you extra cash for whatever you want. The estimation of your device will depend on several factors that we disclose in this article. Below, we share some essential tips, an approximate valuation on the market and our top places to consider when it comes to reselling your preloved Alienware laptop. 

1. What Factors To Consider Before Selling an Alienware Laptop?

• Cosmetic condition: This aspect assesses the external aspect of your gaming laptop. You need to quickly inspect your Alienware laptop and look for visible scratches, small dents, scuffs and stickers, for example. When it comes to reselling any used gadget, not only the cosmetic condition plays an important role in order to determine its value, but the functionally. Of course, if you have used a device that looks flawless, you have more chances to get higher value. 

• Functionally: Having a second hand laptop doesn’t mean that it is not fully functional. They can show some signs of wear and work perfectly fine.  

• Year Manufacturing: gives an idea how old your device is. Gadgets tend to depreciate fast due to the fast pace of technology that results in new advanced products.

• Model: Certain Alienware gaming laptop series are much more appreciated, specially for gamers, due to the versatility, impressive power and sturdiness.

• Configurations: bigger size storage, more memory, screen size, latest processors and graphic cards, made the laptop more attractive to the potential user. Alienware laptops are well-known for taking to the top its laptop configurations. 

2. How Much Is An Alienware Laptop Worth?

Certainly a new Alienware laptop is pricey because they are premium devices, however, even a preowned one, still holds its value. The estimation of the value will depend on the model you have, the cosmetic condition, functionality and configurations. A rough estimate of a used Alienware laptop is $600 in good condition, with some signs of wear and fully working.

3. What Type Of Payment Do You Want To Accept?

Several companies are willing to accept your used gadgets, however, each of them has its own terms and conditions. We suggest to start filtering your search by payment method offered for your used gadgets. You’ll find retailers that give you store credit via gift card in exchange for your used Alienware laptop, and trusted resellers that offer cash payment via PayPal, for example. 

Some users believe that getting a store credit limits their purchasing options, which is only restricted to the retailer’s product range, whereas, having cash, gives you the freedom to spend it on whatever you need.

4. Compare Prices

Comparing prices is by far a good strategy, if you want to get the most profit for selling your used gadgets. We have compared prices between a famous retailer and trusted online reseller, to see which one pays higher for your used Alienware laptop on the market. Beware, that these prices are shown on the website at the moment we have written the article, however, it might be subject to change.
• For a preowned Alienware 15 R4 Intel Core i7 8th Gen CPU Nvidia GTX 1080 in good condition with some signs of wear and fully functional, Gadget Salvation pays you $585 via PayPal, while, Best Buy offers you $152.50 credit via gift card for the same model, specs and condition• For a Dell Alienware 17 R4 series Intel Core i7 6th Gen CPU Nvidia GTX 1070, 500GB/512 GB storage, 32GB memory in flawless condition and fully functional, you’ll receive $379 from Gadget Salvation, whereas, Best Buy gives you a gift card of $122.50 for an Alienware Intel Core i7, Windows 10 with 16GB or greater memory in the same condition. 

5. Where To Sell Alienware Laptops?

There are two main options, sell it yourself or use a trustworthy retailer that covers valuation, shipping fees and other things. The main difference between these two options is that in one, you need to work on listing, describing product and dealing with bargaining from potential customers; while, using a reseller or retailer solution, facilitate users to sell their preowned gadgets in a hassle-free way without worrying about shipping or returns. Most of the time, resellers have automated questions to guide you assess your device condition in order to get an estimation, which you are free to accept or not.

6. Our favorite Places To Sell Alienware Laptops

We have selected two best places to sell Alienwarelaptops or any other gadgets for good value. Our selection of these companies consist of legit websites, fast turnaround time for payment, practicality on the selling process, several options for payment methods and good ratings. 

The most convenient and trusted reseller:

Gadget Salvation

It’s a trustworthy reseller online that purchases used gadgets, including Alienware laptops. What’s interesting about this service is that they pay in cash via PayPal, Zelle, Bank Transfer or check within two business days, for your used gadgets. We have checked its website and is very easy to use and all the selling process is summarized in three easy steps.

To sell Alienware laptops, enter their site and search on the online catalogue for the right model, specs, and answer a few questions about its condition. Then the system will give you an estimation to purchase your device and accept the quote. Print the prepaid UPS shipping label to send your goods. Once the inspection of your device is done, they set your payment via PayPal, Zelle, Bank Transfer or check within two business days. 

Ideal to purchase any product from the retailer

Best Buy

It’s a big retailer that purchases most electronics like laptops, TV, smartphones and gives you in exchange a Best Buy give card. They have an online and offline trade-in program for your used electronics. The process to trade-in online is the quickest. You need to find the model you want to sell and give information about the device condition. Once you complete this, you’ll receive an approximate valuation for your preloved device that you are free to accept or not. The company offers you the shipping kit for free. The turnover time to receive your payment is seven to ten days for the online trade-in service. However, if you use the in store trade-in service, you’ll receive instant credit. We recommend to check if they have your device available to trade-in in the store you want to go. 

Bottom Line

Having a used Alienware laptop can give you extra value, depending on its condition and year model. Dell laptops, specially Alienware gaming line, are portable machines with high-end configurations for smooth gaming experience. We hope this article helps you to realize the worth of your used Alienware device and how much value you can get, whether you resell it on big retailers or with trusted resellers.