Adobe sneaks ads into Android’s share menu

Adobe ads

Adobe is apparently planning on getting pretty aggressive on promoting their own apps, according to a recent leak from a test group. The leak shows links in Android’s share menu promoting installing Adobe’s own apps for certain files, which all seems to be linked to Acrobat Reader if it’s installed on your phone.

Adobe ads in the share menu

The way this works is pretty simple. If you have Acrobat Reader installed on your phone and then you try and use the share menu for, say, an image file, you’ll see a link recommending you install Photoshop Express to manage the file. It’s a sneaky way to try and get more installs on Adobe’s own range of apps, so using just one will expose you to the rest of their portfolio. Clever, sure, but maybe a little intrusive.

At this point it seems like it’s just a test on certain apps, but if it’s successful at getting more installs in related apps, you can bet it’ll roll out more widely, for better or worse.

The only bright side here is that it’s simply a recommendation and won’t force you to install anything, and Adobe’s apps are generally quite a bit better than many alternatives. But none of us like to have more ads than necessary shoved in our face, even if they are for high-quality apps.

source: Android Police

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