Advantage & Disadvantages of smartwatches

There are many advantages to using a smartwatch. But sometimes smartwatches are not better gadgets. So today we are discussing the best advantages of smartwatches and also discussing the best disadvantages of smartwatches.

So let’s start with advantage

The advantage of smartwatch 

  • The smartwatch helps to check your daily smartphone notifications without turning on your smartphone.
  • Smartwatch helps to track your fitness activity with exact numbers. Also gives health suggestions and tips to measure your fitness goals.
  • Smartwatch has a malti watch face option to change the watch face according to your mood.
  • Smartwatch has a smart notifications feature to alert you for daily to do list tasks. So with the use of a smartwatch you can easily manage your to do list without check your smartphone. 
  • Some smartwatch comes with heart rate monitoring and blood pressure monitoring systems. So you can check your heart rate and blood pressure position easily.
  • You can listen to music and watch movies in your smartwatch with some clicks. So a smartwatch gives you great entertainment.
  • Smartwatch comes with an amazing design and cool band to wear your style everytime.
  • Instant call alert features help to receive calls during current activity. So you do not need to touch your smartphone to pick up a call.
  • You can view your text messages or whatsapp messages as a popup on the smartwatch screen. So you can read messages instantly and easily.

So that’s the best advantage of using a smartwatch. But you must be aware about smartwatch features before purchasing any smartwatch. You should check all smartwatch features carefully before buying any smartwatch. 

Now we need to know about some disadvantages of smartwatches. There are many disadvantages of using smartwatches, but here I am discussing the top disadvantage of smartwatch.

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The disadvantage of smartwatch

  • The smartwatch comes with average battery life, so you have to charge your smartwatch many times in a day. Battery life is the biggest disadvantage of smartwatches.
  • The small display size is also a disadvantage of smartwatches. Because if you want to watch movies or videos you can not enjoy widescreen. So if you are an entertainment guy then avoid purchasing a smartwatch.
  • At this time a great smartwatch has a very high price. The common man can’t afford a costly smartwatch. So if you are buying an affordable smartwatch then you have to miss good features on smartwatch.
  • You have to connect your smartwatch to your smartphone with bluetooth or wife. So your smartwatch consumes a high battery for this connectivity. So you have to charge your smartphone many times.
  • Some smartwatches come with special connectivity. So you are not able to use this smartwatch with any smartphones. So must check smartwatch compatibility before purchasing a smartwatch.

Hope you check the whole article and be aware of smartwatch pros and cons. So read this article and make sure your smartwatch is worthy for you or not.