After tons of complaints, Spotify added the widget back to its Android app

Spotify recently removed the widget from its Android app for some reason, without really diving into whatever that reason was. Users weren’t happy, and tons of complaints followed. It’s hard to tell which way that will go, because lots of apps do things people hate, but no amount of complaining really changes their course.

To their credit, though, Spotify listened, and the Android widget is back.

The company even says that this decision was made because of user feedback, so all of the noise surrounding the removal definitely got some attention. To make up for it, Spotify also says they’ve improved performance of the widget, and said they’ll be giving it a visual refresh. Well, the performance part might be true, but the only thing different about the visual design of the widget is that now it’s resizable. Which is good, but I wouldn’t call that different.

Either way, if you missed the widget, you’re good to go set it back up. Maybe Spotify will learn a lesson and not do this again in a couple months.

via: 9to5Google

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