AirPods Deals: save big in cheap Apple headphone sales

The latest AirPods deals are still offering fantastic savings on the phenomenon that is Apple premium earbuds. The sales have brought the AirPods price back down to a near Black Friday level of cheap, meaning if you missed out on those sales earlier in the year you still have a chance to pick some up for less. We don’t know how long these prices will last, so if you’ve had your eye on some top of the range buds for a while, we don’t recommend waiting much longer.

We only saw these AirPods prices go slightly lower than this over Black Friday, an even better reason to pick up a cheap pair of Apple earbuds now if the savings passed you by in November. 

You’ve got two options here – the cheaper AirPods deal with a standard charging case, or the slightly more expensive AirPods with a wireless charging case. You’ll find the former on sale for just £128 at Laptops Direct this week, but if you can swing the £158.99 sale price on the wireless version you’ll reap the convenience rewards almost instantly. 

Apple AirPods were first unleashed back in 2016, but since then we’ve seen a second iteration come in 2019 (the AirPods deals below all offer the 2019 version). With their well-known tap gestures and obviously sublime integration with Apple’s range of products, AirPods have taken the world by storm in their four years of existence. 

Not in the UK? Scroll down for the best AirPods deals in your area. 

Today’s best AirPods deals

Apple AirPods with charging case | £159 £128 at Laptops Direct
The standard second generation of Apple Airpods are still on sale at Laptops Direct for just £128. We only saw these available for £3 less than this price over Black Friday so if you missed out over the deals season, it’s never too late to bag a bargain.
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Apple AirPods with wireless charging case | £199 £158.99 at Currys
You’re paying £30 more to pick up the wireless charging case with your Apple AirPods deal this week – well worth it if you have a qi charger laying around.
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