All the SNES Mini’s games: ranked from worst to best

If you’re looking to play the best SNES games, the SNES Classic Edition is the best place to start. Not only will you find the best games from the ’90s on there, but you’ll find they’re exactly as you remember them – they’re perfect emulations of the original games. (We’re looking in your direction, PlayStation Classic…)

But with so many iconic games on Nintendo’s classic console it can be hard knowing where to start first. If you’ve gone ahead and added the entire library of classics by modding the console – not something we advocate for but something that does happen – the choice becomes even harder. 

Practically each and every title included on the system can rightly be regarded as a solid-gold classic, and ranking them has involved some serious hair splitting. 

But, in the end, we think we’ve been able to decide on the best SNES games – or at least, the best SNES games available on the SNES Classic – and have ranked them here from worst to best. 

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