Always-on-Display is rolling out to the OnePlus Watch in the latest update

OnePlus Watch

It’s a feature that users have missed but it’s now beginning to roll out in the latest software update. I am, of course talking about the OnePlus Watch and the new firmware that is bringing the much yearned for Always-on-Display feature. We’ve got the full changelog for you after the break.

The new firmware carries build number B.48 and is rolling out incrementally, so if you haven’t received notification that it’s available don’t worry as it’s still early days in the process. The changelog goes as follows:

  • Add Always-on Display dial*
  • Remote Control Camera function
  • Add Marathon workout
  • Improvements
    • Optimize system UI details
    • Fix known issues and improve system stability.

While we are excited about the addition of the Always-on-Display feature, it’s important to remember that it will increase power consumption because the display will be on all the time. OnePlus says that with AOD enabled, battery life will see a hit of around 50%, so don’t be surprised when the watch asks you to plug it in sooner than usual.

When it comes to upgrading to the new firmware remember to charge the OnePlus Watch to 40% or higher and keep your phone and watch in close proximity with the Bluetooth connection enabled before beginning the update process.

Our OnePlus Watch review will go live in a few day’s time after we’ve had time to live with the update and experience its effects.

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