Ama 2000, a token of appreciation to the younger generation

Ernest ‘Monate2wa’ Mokoena. Photo: Supplied

Born and raised in the dusty streets of Alexandra and later moved to River Park after the completion of Alexandra Renewal Project in 1999, a local music artist and entrepreneur is set to release his first single on 14 February this year.

The energetic rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur Ernest ‘Monate2wa’ Mokoena said he was inspired by artists such as the late Nkululeko ‘Flabba’ Habedi who unearthed the love of music in him. “Growing up in a musical family, I developed a love for art and music at a very young age and it was always my dream to have my solo project that will bring a new taste in the hip-hop music genre. My single titled Ama 2000 is dedicated and appreciates the different way of thinking and doing of the younger generation born during the previous decade.”

Ernest ‘Monate2wa’ Mokoena and dancer Lihle Mthembu. Photo: Supplied

The 29-year-old well-known local hairstylist said he was introduced to hip-hop music by the local rapper Twigger Mansion who used to host rap session in 20th Avenue. “When I saw Twigger performing on stage years ago, a rapper was born in me. I started writing and working with local hip-hop music groups underground and performed in different local events. I always knew that one day I will have my solo project that will bring revolution into the music industry.”

Ernest ‘Monate2wa’ Mokoena and Pule Ngamla. Photo: Supplied

His single Ama 2000 which will be released with a music video, will be the first instalment of a full album that Monate2wa fans can expect to be released in the year 2021. “This is just the introduction of something big to come. I am currently working on a mixed-tape project that will be released in 2021. In this single, I worked with a very talented youngsters Vuyo ‘Android 16’ Rankapole and Pule Ngamla.

“I wanted to give music lovers a taste of what they can expect in my mixed tape next year. We all did our level best to produce something with a unique sound which carries a strong message of appreciation to our music lovers.”

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