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Amazon’s New World is bricking RTX 3090 graphics cards

The closed beta for Amazon’s New World has gone live, and while plenty of gamers are enjoying the game, players who have systems equipped with RTX 3090 graphics cards are having their gaming rigs ruined by the upcoming MMORPG. Reports on the New World subreddit indicate that trying to launch New World while using an RTX 3090 will cause it to completely fry, forcing users to contact manufacturers for refunds or replacements. The issue seems to be affecting EVGA RTX 3090 cards more than other GPUs, though it’s worth noting that people who use other versions of the 3090 have reported problems with overheating and dangerous levels of power consumption.

Overall, this is quite a bizarre issue, and hopefully Amazon’s developers will be able to identify what’s causing this problem to occur. If you’re an RTX 3090 owner, I highly recommend that you avoid playing New World until Amazon’s developers release an official statement on the matter and confirm that the issue has been solved. You might be okay if you decide to play the game, but I wouldn’t take the risk — especially since the RTX 3090 is incredibly expensive and is in very short supply.

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New World is available for $40 for preorder now, and is expected to fully launch on August 31 on Windows 10 (and Windows 11). Notably, preordering will give you access to the closed beta. Amazon is aiming to bring a high quality MMORPG experience to PC gamers around the globe with New World, although whether or not the game has the depth to hang with the best PC games on the market remains to be seen. Bricking $1,500 graphics cards certainly isn’t a good start.

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New World is shaping up to be one of the most interesting MMORPGs when it launches on August 31. Just don’t play it if you have an RTX 3090, maybe.

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