Apple Arcade’s most promising game now has a release date on Switch and PS4

Sayonara Wild Hearts, a highlight from this week’s annual Apple iPhone event, now has a release date. The stylish romp will arrive on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 on Sept. 19.

The neon-colored action game blends rhythm mechanics with racing games. But that’s not all. When we laid hands on an early version for Switch in March, we found elements common to beat-em-ups, arcade shooters, and even skateboarding games. It’s a wild amalgam of different systems, linked together with a throbbing soundtrack, “a world of cavorting, jesting joyfulness.”

But to hear publisher Annapurna Interactive tell it, that’s only just scratching the surface.

Sayonara Wild Hearts follows a young woman as her heart breaks and the balance of the universe is disturbed,” it says in a press release. “Players take control of her other self, The Fool, a masked biker on an interdimensional quest to find the harmony of the universe.”

The game is in development by Simogo, known for its award-winning puzzle game Device 6 and the meditative and mysterious Year Walk. Annapurna says the final product will include a custom-written song for every stage.

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