Apple farmer has great season despite the month-long drought

CUMBERLAND, Ky. (WYMT) – A lot of local farmers have struggled due to low rainfall for the past month but one Harlan County farmer says this is the biggest apples he has grown in over ten years.

Terry Creech has owned Apple Tree Orchard for more than 20 years and currently tends to around 7,000 trees.

With all the rainfall he received on his farm earlier in the year, Creech said the trees were already filled with plenty of nutrients, so the drought did not affect them.

“If you do a good job thinning the trees it really helps when you get in a dry situation, so actually we had the biggest apples we had in 10 years from all the rain from May until August,” explained Creech.

This drought could affect next year’s season though, which would cause him to not grow as many apples.

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