Apple is about to release new over-ear AirPod X headphones, leaker claims

The earphones are likely to be expensive but will probably also offer significantly improved audio quality (Image: Getty)

Apple’s Airpods have proved to be one of its most popular products.

Now a leaker has claimed the tech giant is about to release a new type of ‘over-ear’ headphones.

Traditional Airpods are tiny little gizmos which fit inside the ear, allowing wearers to wirelessly listen to music or chat to friends on the phone.

The new headphones are expected to be called the Airpod X and will be a full set of cans offering improved audio quality and probably some sort of noise cancellation technology.

However, they are likely to be much more expensive than the in-ear model.

The existence of the Airpods was revealed by tech expert John Prosser, who claimed an employee of the retail chain Target told him the devices would be released in March and cost $399 – meaning they are likely to be priced at less than £400 in the UK.

The headphones will be handy for people who want to listen to better-quality music, but they won’t offer the same sort of sneaky abilities as the old-school Airpods – which are now being used by schoolkids to secretly pass messages around a classroom.

Until now, pupils had to use the old-fashioned method of encoding missives on a piece of scrunched up paper and handing them from person to person.

But that quaint pursuit is now strictly boomer-tier due to the arrival of a new way of talking in class dreamed up by an impressively cunning member of Generation Z.

On TikTok, a teenager with the username @Leilana offered instructions on the teacher-defeating classroom communications technique in a video watched more than two million times.

‘Try this!’ she wrote.

All kids who want to quietly chat need to do is exchange AirPods with each other.

Then they can type a message into Google Translate and then press the play button to read it out.

The trick works particularly well if you have long hair because AirPods are very small and hard to notice.

Not that we’re encouraging you to ignore teachers and spend lessons talking at the back rather than paying attention, of course.

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