AT&T and T-Mobile announce joint effort to block more robocalls to your phone

T-Mobile and AT&T are probably two of the unlikeliest partners to team up for literally anything, but we’re about to see what it’s like anyway. It’s not like they’re partnering together for anything really business-related, anyway, and it’s got nothing to do with mergers between the two of them or any other carrier this time.

Instead, both T-Mobile and AT&T have agreed to a partnership that will very hopefully cut down on the amount of spam and robocalls that you get on your phone every day.

The carriers are rolling out a brand new kind of caller authentication technology that works on both of their networks, and is a step towards a bigger call verification standard across the entire industry. The verification uses SHAKEN/STIR technology for Caller ID, and will essentially makes it easy for a customer to know whether or not an incoming call is from a legitimate number, or if it’s been illegally spoofed to look like it’s coming from your own area code so you’ll be more likely to answer it.

That creates something that carriers and phone partners can build off of, like automatically blocking non-verified numbers. Of course it’ll take some time to get more vendors on board so this becomes widespread, but with two of the biggest carriers in the US taking a step like this, I think it’s moving in the right direction.

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