Bandobast, token system at Nashik markets yet to start | Nashik News

Nashik: The city police’s plan to start the one-hour coupon system for people visiting market areas along with proper bandobast — to prevent overcrowding — is yet to take off due to the financial limitations of the civic body.
Last month, police commissioner Deepak Pandey had issued prohibitory orders stating that all major marketplaces must be sealed with only one entry/exit point. Customers would be issued free coupons at the entry point that would entitle them to spend an hour inside the market. People who failed to complete their shopping and leave within an hour would be fined Rs 1,000 each.
The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) was supposed to print the coupons and collect the fine amount. The police commissioner had stated that waterproof tents should also be provided by the civic body for the police personnel on bandobast duty at the market areas.
The police chief said since the monsoon has started, there is a need for waterproof tents for the cops manning the entry/exit points of the markets. The process of starting the one-hour coupon system got delayed as the NMC is not in a position to buy the tents as it has been incurring major expenses on the Covid front. He added: “We have decided to buy the tents and install them ourselves. By the end of this week, the police and the NMC would start regulating the flow of people in the markets.”

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