Best mini keyboards: the best 60% and 75% keyboards for gaming

Move over, TKL keyboards; there’s a new compact gaming keyboard in town. The best mini keyboards come in a much smaller form factor, dropping certain keys that have been deemed “not widely used” in order to shrink down to almost half the size of a full-sized keyboard. And, just like that, they’re taking over the optical and mechanical keyboards arena.

Whether they’ve completely abandoned everything to the right of the Enter key (60% keyboard) or kept the arrow and special keys as a compromise while also preserving that compact form (75% keyboard), the best mini keyboards are just the ticket for those with a smaller desk space or want a solid gaming keyboard solution when traveling. But, just because they’re travel-friendly, it doesn’t mean that they lack some of the functionalities of a full-sized keyboard. On the contrary, thanks to their FN key shortcuts, some of them have those and more. 

Space-saving and just as reliable as the best full-sized keyboards (although there’s a bit of a learning curve due to their FN shortcuts), the best mini keyboards have us convinced. If you’re also ready to switch, these are the best ones we’ve tested so far, just in time for Amazon Prime Day

Razer Huntsman Mini

(Image credit: Razer)

1. Razer Huntsman Mini

The best mini keyboard overall


Layout: 60%

Switch type: Optical

Programmable keys: Yes

RGB: Yes

Reasons to buy

+Adorable design+Excellent optical switches

Reasons to avoid

A bit pricey

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