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Switzerland has always been at the forefront when it comes to big money. It should come as no surprise that the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in real-world use-cases is occurring in this country. Now, two financial behemoths are joining forces to write another chapter in this book.

Bitcoin Online & Offline

Bitcoin Suisse AG, which is one of the oldest crypto-focused financial providers, signed a letter of intent with Worldline, a Swiss-based nationwide payment processor. The infrastructure of SIX Payment Services (85,000 merchants are on board), which has been part of Worldline since 2018, will act as the technical basis for the upcoming cooperation. Bitcoin Suisse will offer cryptocurrency payments to Swiss merchants and consumers both in-store and online.

According to Marc Schluep, CEO of Worldline in Switzerland, the conversion risks and costs elimination are a crucial part of this collaboration:

‘We have a reputation to introduce latest payment functionalities that enhance the customer journey as well as boost efficiency and profitability for our merchants’, added Mr. Schluep.

Some additional details about their cooperation will be disclosed at the upcoming Swiss Payments Forum in Zurich.

Alpine Crypto Paradise

Switzerland is among the pioneers of both crypto development and mass adoption. Currently, Switzerland’s Crypto Valley is a vast complex of 800+ teams working on solutions or offering services to blockchain companies. In 2016, the city of Zug was the first to start accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment in the public sphere.

Swiss Blockchain Sector Is Growing at Breakneck Speed: Report

Thus, the seamless cryptocurrency payments solution will be welcomed by both traditional point-of-sale users and e-commerce agents. If successful, Bitcoin Suisse and Worldline plan to expand this interactive framework throughout the rest of Europe.

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