Blue Yeti Nano microphone: should I buy it for podcasting?

It feels like everyone and their grandma has a podcast these days – and with good reason. Podcasting can be a really fun and easy way to delve into the subjects you love the most, whether you’re a true crime buff or a poetry know-it-all. 

That is, it’s easy if you have the right equipment. If you’ve recently looked for the best podcasting microphones online, you may have come across the Blue Yeti Nano.

If you’re not sure whether to go ahead and purchase this bitesize mic, read on for all the pros and cons of the Blue Yeti Nano. To be clear, we’ve not tested this model ourselves, so the following is our expert tech take based on the specs and online reviews – however, we have reviewed the original, larger Blue Yeti Microphone so we’ve got a pretty good point for comparison.  

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