Dating in the Digital age

Amid the technological advancement all around the world, the impact of smartphones and social media on romantic relationships is baffling. A Pew Research Center survey conducted in October 2019 finds that many People encounter some tech-related struggles with their significant others especially Americans. 

Although, Technology has tried to make dating easier with the addition of online dating and dating apps. On the other hand, We would also argue that technology has taken away from what dating is all about — getting to know the person on more than a surface level. We will be weighing both the negative and positive aspects of dating in the digital age. 

Negative aspect 

Thanks to digital world, Dating has lost its essence. Dating has definitely changed since our parents got married. During their day, dating meant something. Dating had a point: marriage. Most dating result in heart breaks along side regrets  

We’ve Become More Lonely Than Ever

Facing the harsh reality, social media and dating apps can make us feel more isolated. Sitting on our phones for hours surfing through Instagram pictures and Tinder profiles isn’t healthy. We end up logging in more and going out less. Instead of going out and putting ourselves in natural situations to meet others, many times we rely on technology. 

Eventually we get obsessed with our phones which makes the research so true. We get lonely and sometimes try out sex toys for adults to quench the anxiety 

We’re Looking Too Hard For Perfection

Dating in the digital age has put more pressure on the youth to create a look of “perfection” and find the “perfect” match. Think of the last time you added a photo on your Tinder profile. Did you ask yourself these questions: “Does my body look good,” “How does my makeup look,” and “Do I look sexy but modest?” No matter what their Tinder, Twitter or Instagram looks like; nobody’s perfect.

Racial biases 

Racial bias is a still more fraught aspect of online dating. Whereas in real life, it may be easier to sidestep unconscious bias by encountering individuals of different races face-to-face in their full personalities, online dating offers increased opportunities to self-select dates of one’s own race via pressing a button or swiping left.

Positive aspect 

Technology has radically invaded every aspect of human life.  Dating and relationships in particular have been transformed in the digital age. One out of four straight couples meet online, and for gay couples, that number rises to two out of three. Making it easier to find ones fitting partner. 

Apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc. make it easier for everyone to meet people they would never meet in real life. Most people before the pandemic only dated within their social circle or 1 level out of their social circle. And that too was made happened by one of their friends in the social circle.

But people are starting to realize that Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid might not be the best thing for  them because in one study done by OkCupid themselves, they found out that only 20% of the men matching with over 80% of the women. Which is not good for the remaining 80% of the men.

That’s where websites like come in. 

You see, on Tinder, Bumble and all the other dating apps, there are algorithms at play that rank your profile based on how you attractive they think you are. The more attractive you are, the more women you will match with. And these algorithms have gotten pretty good at that.

But the problem is, it is all about photos these days. So your personality isn’t coming into play at all. If you are a good looking guy but you’re not good at clicking good pictures of yourself, then you will not get any matches on those apps.

On, there is no algorithm. You get to talk with girls first directly and figure out whether you two like each other’s personality or not. And it is up to you whether you would like to exchange pictures or not. It’s almost like striking up a conversation in a bar, but online.

Easier finding love 

Online daters who find relationships appear to move more quickly toward firm commitment. Half of couples who met online get married in the fourth year of their relationship, compared to their counterparts who met face-to-face (who tend to get wed in their tenth year). Furthermore, married couples who met online express marginally greater satisfaction in their marriages than other couples, and their unions are somewhat less likely to dissolve

Freedom of choice 

Online dating help create multiple options for its users to cut out the possibility of a wrong choice to the minimum possibilities. Due to the series of options available, you have higher possibility of ending with you desired choice compared to the usual blind dates which has higher probability of ending in a mess. 

In conclusion 

Dating in the digital age can be a success or a failure depending on our approach towards it. We can not deny the fact that Digital age has made life easier and fun nevertheless, Affecting our dating life experience negatively. We advice to stay true to your partner and share the love because technology is the tool the world need for a better tomorrow.