[Deal] Grab a 5-pack of USB-C cables on Amazon for just $10

If you’ve upgraded your phone recently, you’re probably working with a USB-C cable now instead of your trusty old microUSB cables. That’s a good thing, because USB-C really is a big improvement, but it also probably means that you don’t have as many cables laying around as you used to.

Now’s a great time to stock up with this deal from Amazon, which nets you a 5-pack of USB-C cables for just $9.99. Never worry about not finding a usable cable again.

These cables are manufactured by Xiae and come in a few different lengths, including two 3-foot cables, two 6-foot cables, and a 10-foot cable. The cables are braided, so they’re a little more durable than your standard cable, and they can handle fast charging, too. Reviews on Amazon are stellar, also.

Check it out, and thank us later.

Xiae 5-pack USB-C cables | $10 | Amazon

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