DeFi Project KingSwap migrates to its own liquidity & farming pools

King Swap, crypto, token, blockchainDeFi project KingSwap announced it has completed its migration from Uniswap to its own platform’s liquidity and farming pools. Earlier this month, it achieved $4 million USD in transaction volume in its first three days on Uniswap. Now, it’s DEX features are available directly through its website.

Said to be the first regulated DeFi project out of Singapore, KingSwap is a high-yield liquidity platform that offers extensive staking rewards, digital collectibles, and fiat conversions. An evolution of Uniswap, KingSwap provides user-friendly features that provide real-time benefits in terms of price curves and contributor rewards.

“We’re pleased with the quick progress our team has made in migrating KingSwap’s liquidity and farming pools from Uniswap to KingSwap,” said Malcolm Tan, KingSwap advisor. “We are grateful to Uniswap for providing us the early traction and visibility we needed to generate an enthusiastic user base, and look forward to building upon this with exciting NFT launches and platform enhancements in the coming weeks.”

KingSwap’s NFTs give their owners loyalty rewards from $KING tokens issued. The project sold out several batches of its exclusive ‘Knight Token’ NFTs and ‘Queen Sparkle’ NFTs, which provide owners access to $KING airdrops. Daily airdrops have already been distributed to all NFT holders.

Prior to KingSwap’s public launch on October 30, venture capital firms and cryptocurrency investors participated in KingSwap’s private fundraising round, helping the project quickly exceed its 1000 ETH soft cap to raise over $20 million USD in funding and liquidity support. KingSwap’s backers include Plutus VC, Hashstreet VC, Alpha Sigma Capital, Tradecraft Capital, and 7CC.

KingSwap was founded by a team of experienced leaders in banking, finance, and crypto, including Dr. Anish Mohammed, who has advised and worked for companies including HSBC, Lloyds, and Zurich, and was an early advisor to Ripple and Ocean Protocol; Dunstan Teo, Chief Architect of the Fido Protocol and President of Sanctum; and Ho Chin Shin, who previously worked as a director at Standard Chartered Bank; Nomura; and the Bank of Singapore.

KingSwap’s advisors include Venture Capitalist Dr. Giampaolo Parigi (PhD); Professor Alex Nascimento (MBA), Faculty and Co-Founder, Blockchain at UCLA; Michael Terpin, Founder and CEO of Transform Group and Co-Founder of BitAngels; Lionel Iruk, Esq. (J.D), Dr. Robert Choi (PhD), and Frank D. (MBA).

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