Digging Deeper into RoboBusiness 2019: The Technology Track

Digging Deeper into RoboBusiness 2019: The Technology Track

Attendees at RoboBusiness 2019 will get to choose from four separate general session tracks during the course of the event, to be held Oct. 1-3, 2019, in Santa Clara, Calif. This is the fourth in a series of articles that take a deeper look at specific sessions and themes around each of these tracks (Read about the Innovation Track, the CRO Summit, and the Robotics Industry Track by clicking their respective links).

The Technology Track

The Technology Track will highlight the latest emerging technologies within the robotics and artificial intelligence space, and how they affect robotics industry developers. Information on the latest sensors, motors, computer vision, actuators, grippers, and other technology platforms will be discussed. In addition, the track will explore how these technologies are revolutionizing the creation and adoption of robotics and AI for the next wave of robotics.

Highlights of the track include the following sessions:

  • Keeping Robots Healthy – Effective Diagnostics Management“. More robots are entering manufacturing as costs come down and functionality improves. Yet variation of parts tolerances, tool wear, and robot degradation can lead to process errors. Diagnosing the root cause of errors is difficult, as well as communicating the issues and correcting them. In this session, Jeremy Marvel, a computer scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will discuss the tools needed to provide effective prognostics and health management (PHM) for robotic work cells.
  • Brian Carlisle

    Brian Carlisle, Precise Automation.

    Mobile Manipulation Challenges and Opportunities“. Over the past few years, mobile robots have moved static payloads around factories, warehouses, and institutions including hospitals and campuses. More recently, we’ve seen successful applications of mounted manipulator arms on mobile bases. Brian Carlisle, CEO and founder of Precise Automation, will discuss how robots, grippers, and base platforms will need to be optimized for mobile manipulation applications, including agriculture, machine loading, additive manufacturing, and laboratory automation, among others.

  • Designing Robot Applications for the Real World“. Robots are becoming prevalent in our lives, helping us carry out tedious housework, distribute warehouse inventory, automate manufacturing, and research lunar landscapes. Successful robotic deployments demand applications with a high level of intelligence, autonomy, and adaptability. This presentation will highlight key pain points in designing, developing, testing, and deploying real-world robotics applications, then share best practices, tools, and workflows through customer examples.
  • Machine Learning for Human-like Behavior in Robotics“. As collaborative robots have entered the workforce, the industry is discovering that people who are working with robots want them to move more like humans. Robots need to identify things that humans are good at recognizing, such as other people and other automation equipment, so they can make natural movements to predict where the object or person is going and plan accordingly. Traditional motion-planning algorithms focus on optimization and efficiency. Without further semantic understanding of the environment around the robot, these algorithms can lead to jerky, unnatural movements when robots encounter other people and automation equipment. Russell Toris of Fetch Robotics will lead a discussion on the current and future role that vision technology plays in modeling collaborative human-robot interaction.

RoboBusiness 2019 will feature more than 60 exhibitors, 50+ speakers, the MassRobotics Startup Boot Camp, the Chief Robotics Officer Summit, the second annual workshop on Big Data, networking receptions, the annual Pitchfire startup competition, and more surprises. Full conference passes are $795, the Startup Boot Camp is $295, and expo-only passes are only $45!. Special pricing ends September 19, so register today to experience the most influential and innovative robotics conference Oct. 1-3 in Santa Clara, at RoboBusiness 2019.

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