Ex-Apple exec now working on Microsoft’s HoloLens as a corporate vice president

A former Apple executive, Rubén Caballero, is now at Microsoft working on Mixed Reality, HoloLens, and special projects. Caballero spent 14 years at Apple and was a vice president of engineering. Caballero worked on the roadmap and design of projects, including the first iPhone and iPad. Bloomberg reported on Caballero’s move and confirmed the hire. Caballero’s LinkedIn profile also confirms the move and shares more details.

Caballero’s LinkedIn profile states that he started his new role at Microsoft in March of this year. The description of the role states that he works on “Mixed Reality & AI Division – HoloLens, Special Projects and more to come….” Caballero brings decades of experience in the industry. According to his LinkedIn profile, he began his work in the corporate sector as a director of system engineering at a startup in 2001. Before that, he was an Air Force officer working on aerospace engineering test establishment.

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At Apple Caballero worked on wireless R&D in the technology and design sector. While at Apple, Caballero led and built wireless labs in over 26 countries and founded and built wireless teams of over 1,000 engineers that worked on a wide range of wireless technologies. After 14 years at Apple, Cabellero’s time at the company ended when his division was subsumed by Apple’s custom chip division, as reported by Bloomberg.

Caballero spent nine months between his time at Apple and his start at Microsoft working as an advisor for several companies, including Maui Imaging In., Humane Inc., Keyssa Inc., and Resonant Inc.

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