Firefox for Android hits version 67, adds a new search widget but removes guest mode

Say hello to Firefox for Android version 67. Ever since Mozilla changed their version numbers to this new scheme a few years ago we’ve seen that number grow almost faster than the feature list, but the updates still bring some useful new features and fixes from time to time.

This version of Firefox, which is now publicly available on the Play Store, brings the usual host of security fixes to the browser to protect you online. Mozilla also included a new Firefox Search widget with voice input that you can drop on your home screen, making this browser a much more capable Google Chrome replacement, if that’s what you’re looking for.

However, the developers did pull Firefox’s Guest Session from this release. The release notes say it’s to streamline the user experience, and mention that you can still use the guest mode on your device or just private browsing to mask your internet activity and keep it separate from your main account.

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