Fitbit Versa 2 could be coming soon, with Amazon Alexa integration

The Fitbit Versa is going to see a successor, it seems (and not the Fitbit Versa Lite), as leaks and rumors regarding the Fitbit Versa 2 are starting to circulate, and we’ve just heard quite a bit about the new device.

This information comes courtesy of two different leaks, which together give us a picture (metaphorically and literally) of what the Fibit Versa 2 could look like.

The first piece of information comes from Bulgarian website Olx , on which a user has shared photos of what appears to be the Fitbit Versa 2 box (we don’t know where from). Loads of information can be seen on the packaging, most importantly that the Versa 2 will come with Amazon Alexa integration, which backs up a previous rumor we heard about this.

It’s unclear the extent to which Alexa will work, whether you’ll be able to use the whole library of Alexa Skills and commands, or just a select few voice controls that let you change your music or check the weather.

The box shows an image of the Versa 2, of course, and it doesn’t exactly look like a huge redesign of the original. In fact, we’re having trouble spotting any differences.

The same could be said about the functions. The back of the box lists things like 4+ day battery life, 18 different exercise tracking modes, Fitbit Pay, music playback, and more, but most of them seem identical to the original Fitbit Versa. All in all it doesn’t seem like there are many major changes in the Versa 2, although there might be slight upgrades in certain areas.

The second leak comes from Tizenhelp, and it’s a graphic seemingly pulled from the Fitbit website or a user manual, which gives an indication of what Alexa in the Fibtit Versa 2 can do. Images show people checking the weather, turning off lights, setting a timer, and chatting (although we’re not totally sure on this one). 

This picture gives us a clearer idea of what Alexa can do on the Fibit Versa 2, but all these tasks are small conveniences rather than demanding functions, so it’s still not clear just how advanced the artificial assistant is in its Fitbit form.

We’ll likely find out soon though, as the Olx source suggests the wearable will be released on September 15, so if the information turns out to be accurate you could be able to access a wrist-based Alexa very soon.

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