‘Fortnite’ Maker Asks Judge Again to Return Game to Apple’s App Store

The creator of “Fortnite” is taking another stab at getting a judge to bring the popular game back to Apple Inc.’s devices, this time disclosing that roughly a third of players access it through the tech giant’s App Store.

Epic Games Inc. late Friday filed a motion seeking a preliminary injunction against Apple, reiterating arguments made in a federal lawsuit last month when it accused the tech giant of monopolistic behavior after pulling “Fortnite” from the App Store. The closely held software developer also sued Google for removing the game from its Google Play store the same day.

Apple and Google made that move after Epic introduced an in-game payment system that would skirt the 30% fee certain developers are required to pay the companies for in-app purchases.

Epic said that more than 116 million registered “Fortnite” players have accessed the survival-shooter game through a device running Apple’s iOS operating system, making it the game’s largest platform. Of those players, Epic said 63% only play “Fortnite” this way. The game has 350 million registered players overall, according to Epic.

“Apple has driven a stake in the ‘Fortnite’ community,” Epic said in its filing.

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