Gaming and Vaping: A Match Made In Heaven

The sudden rise of the smartphone, evolution of indie gaming, and video games that are more accessible, popular, and stimulating than ever before – all made possible thanks to improvements in technology. With the impeccable picture and storylines in video games today, can you imagine what it would be like to add cannabis to the mix? It creates the ultimate gaming experience! 

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Gaming And Vaping

Video games are one of the most popular pastimes for a reason. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the latest gaming trends or you’d rather stick to the classics. Video games give gamers a feeling of control that comes with the satisfaction of having learnt and mastered a particular skill set or gameplay scenario. They also stimulate our imaginations and provide us with an escape from the monotony of our day-to-day lives.

Imagination also plays a vital role here, in the virtual world, a gamer can become whatever or whomever they want. From dragons to renegade soldiers or zombie-killers. This is important in a world full of many uncertainties. When it comes to video games and cannabis, you are only limited by how much weed is at your disposal and your imagination.

However, the lack of real world consequences especially when you make a mistake, is a major factor affecting video games and online engagements. For instance, you can jump off a bridge, build your own empire or pick an entire school bus on your own in a video game since there are no real life factors that will lead to negative consequences if you fail. Instead, you have the option luxury of taking another toke and using as many lives as you need to get that winning plan. Amazing right?

How Vaping Improves Your Gaming

Some studies have shown that cannabis and gaming can be good for you. However more research is needed to confirm that theory. This is because video games, especially new ones can help increase your hand and eye coordination while marijuana has been said to deliver anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. That combination of cannabis and reflex exercises have the ability to give therapeutic benefits when it comes to exercising your brain and lowering stress levels. 

Cannabis and video games can also help those dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia as it helps increase short-term memory recollection.  A Recent study performed on Alzheimer’s patients in the Netherlands showed that using marijuana while gaming resulted in a significant increase in memory retention. There is one researcher who noted that: “All the test subjects played challenging games each day increasingly, however half the group was also being given a smoke. It’s amazing how the marijuana test group scored 43% better memory retention than the control group. It benefited the marijuana-administered group more than we had imagined.”

Benefits Of Vaping For Gamers

Vaping is an activity that can be done inside. This is one of its biggest advantages. More often, people would have to go outside to have a cigarette as most places don’t allow cigarette smoke indoors. In other cold locations, stepping outside even for five minutes for a smoke could be very brutal as your fingers could get numb. You need to warm up before playing again. With vaping, the vapor will clear in a matter of seconds and therefore you will not be bothering anyone else. You can play and vape at the same time.

Portability Factor

Earlier, before the era of smartphones and the like, games were not very portable. You would find computer games on a desktop personal computer. These devices were super big, thus you could only play them in one location, basically where the computer was placed.

However, these days computer games have become way more portable. For instance, you can have your accounts connected so that you can play on different platforms. You can play on your computer, and at the same time connect to the game on your phone. Vaping devices are also easily portable thus you can take them wherever you want to go.

Blending In

This has got to do with joining a community and fitting in with a group and doing what people in that community do. In case your gaming community is full of vapers or even people who are using vape as a way to quit smoking, you will feel left out if you decide not to vape. But the best thing about  vaping is that there is plenty of 0 Mg nicotine vape juice that all manufacturers create.

This is similar to a virgin drink or a non-alcoholic beverage.  In the case of the virgin drinks and for the beer that ingredient is alcohol while in vape, that is nicotine which is removed by the 0 mg.


Now that you know how vaping and gaming correlate, you should think of using it in your next venture. Use the tips discussed here for the best results