Get a year’s worth of ad-supported Hulu for just $2 monthly


Not sure what to watch on that brand new smart television you’ve just bought on a Black Friday deal? How does a year’s access to Hulu’s ad-supported plan grab you for just $2 a month? That’s right, Hulu has brought last year’s Black Friday deal back to life, and you can snag a year’s subscription for just $24.

As mentioned, the offer only extends to the ad-supported plan, but the presence of advertisements does give you the opportunity to get a drink from the kitchen or perform other tasks. Once the twelve-month deal is up, Hulu will put the monthly fee up to the usual monthly payment of $5.99, so make sure to set a reminder in the calendar so that you aren’t caught out.

Whether it’s catching up on the latest season of Agents of Shield or taking a look at the collection of movies on hand, Hulu has a ton of stuff to keep you, and your loved ones, busy over the next twelve months.

All you need to do is click the link below to get started on your way to 12 months of ad-supported Hulu.

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