Google Duo finally picks up its rumored low-light mode

Google Duo has been rumored to pick up a low-light mode for a few months now, with the original code for the feature popping up back in November. It’s taken a few months (almost a year, actually) to make the feature ready, but now that’s rolling out in the latest version of Google’s video calling app.

The feature is pretty simple. Just tap the new low-light icon on your screen, and the stream will reload with the brightness turned up. Obviously there’s going to be slightly more artifacts and graininess to the video when you do this, but it’s a pretty noticeable improvement.

The mode does also constantly try and adjust based on your surroundings, so you won’t blind the other person if you do turn a light on or walk into a brighter room.

Aside from being able to chat in worse lighting conditions, Google has added a couple of other features to the app with this update. There’s a new suggestion to add favorite contacts to your home screen in a widget to make starting new calls easier than ever, although it only pops up after the call with some of your contacts some of the time. There’s no quick access to create the widget with anyone, surprisingly. You can also delete your call history on a per contact basis, now, instead of trashing your entire history.

This update brings Duo to v60, and should be rolling out on the Play Store now.

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via: Android Police

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