Google Duo is the next app to copy Snapchat, just a few years too late

Remember a few years back when every app and its grandma was ripping off Snapchat’s disappearing photos idea? And you know that Slowpoke meme? If you combine those two, you’ve got Google’s latest addition to Google Duo.

Yep, now users with Google Duo will be able to send other users disappearing, temporary photos. The photos last much longer than Snapchat, however, allowing the recipient to view the image for 24 hours. Keep everything clean and safe for work if you plan on using this. Although, to be fair, Duo is a video calling app, so maybe don’t use this for photos at all?

To send images, you’ll have to have Google Duo version 56. Users on older versions can still receive images, but can’t send them. To send it, you’ll also have to use Android’s share menu, since you can’t send pictures from within Google Duo just yet. You do have access to some editing tools to mark up your photos before sending them off, which is again pretty similar to Snapchat.

More features are cool, don’t get me wrong, and it’s good to see Google continually supporting one of their most excellent apps. It’s just strange to add this feature when just about every other messaging app already has it.

The update should be rolling out to your devices soon, so keep an eye out.

source: 9to5Google

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