Google Duo video messages now let you respond with emoji reactions

Google Duo is giving users yet another way to interact with each other, and that’s through emoji reactions.

This is an option for received video messages in Google Duo. In a message you receive, tap the bottom-right button, and it’ll open up eight different emojis you can select from as a reaction.

The emoji you send is highlighted with a round border at the top-left of the screen. If you select another emoji to use, the previous emoji is removed and replaced with your new selection.

Anyone in the video conversation can see your reaction. The creator of the video usually gets a notification saying that so and so reacted to the video message.

The feature is rolling out now. Plenty of users have already reported seeing it in Google Duo, but it does seem to be a staggered launch, possibly being pushed out server-side.

via: Android Police

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