Google Pixel 4 gets not one, but two hands-on videos ahead of any official announcements

Google Pixels apparently have a pretty bad habit of just falling off of trucks. It happens so often that the Pixel 4 is getting not just one, but two new hands on videos showcasing the phones and tons of their new features. At this point I’m starting to get convinced that all of these insane leaks are clearly intention to drum up attention for Google.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but if you’re curious about every little detail about the Pixel 4, you’ve got over half an hour of footage to watch.

New display features

The new features that get disclosed on camera include confirmation of the 90hz “Smooth Display,” plus something new called “Ambient EQ” that causes the phone to tune its display based on the surroundings. To me this sounds a little more like Apple’s True Tone displays, so I wouldn’t expect this to adjust the refresh rate or anything, but it should certainly make the phone a little more pleasant to look at.

There’s also a toggle to turn that high-refresh rate screen off, which is going to be good for maintaining battery life. Another piece of the video also confirms the 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, at least for the Pixel 4 XL. The regular Pixel 4 may be stepped down from that.

Another massive leak

There’s still over a month to go before Google actually shows us the Pixel 4. I was kind of thinking that they’d have some software magic left to show off, but sadly with leaks like this, I don’t think that’s even going to be the case.

And with leaks like this, that pretty much shuts the door for any more info or excitement to leak out, which isn’t great when we’re still several weeks away from the unveiling. It’s going to be hard to drum up more anticipation when we basically know all there is to know about the phone, but we’ll see what Google can cook up.

Check out the videos below.

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