Google Play Movies preps for free, ad-supported movies

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies is a solid movie rental/purchase store for many users, and it’s pretty easily compatible across platforms, which is handy. You can access your purchased movies on iOS, there’s an app on Roku, it supports Movie Anywhere, and so on. It’s a good platform.

But you know what would make it even better? Free movies.

Google Play Movies, with ads

Google looks like it’s about to take a page out of some competitor playbooks and will introduce free, ad-supported movies in Play Movies soon.

This info comes from an APK teardown of the newest Play Movies app, and suggests that Google will have an entire section of hundreds of free movies with “just a few ads.” We don’t know exactly what movies will be included here, but it looks like Google has something planned. Obviously don’t expect brand new, just released movies in this category, but older movies that don’t bring in the viewers anymore make perfect sense here.

This would be a step that helps Google Play Movies stand out next to iTunes and Amazon’s video store, especially since it sounds like it’ll be completely free with no strings attached. Amazon has “free” movies that are included with Amazon Prime, but those aren’t really free since they’ll disappear with your Prime subscription. It’s more like Netflix.

And of course, no one expects Apple to give anything away for free.

We don’t know when this feature will go live, but keep an eye out for it. With everyone staying indoors, it could be sooner rather than later.

source: XDA Developers

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