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Google strikes a similar note with the similar Pixel 5a design

We’re keen on Google Pixel 5a leaks, and everyone knows it’s coming sooner or later. We haven’t heard much yet, though, and that’s what makes today’s leak all that more exciting.

This leak shows off the Pixel 5a’s design, which might be familiar to anyone paying attention.

Google Pixel 5a design

Google has decided that the Pixel 4a design wasn’t broken, and they’re not fixing it. The Pixel 5a looks nearly identical, almost down to the dimensions. It’s a little different in that it comes in a few mm taller, but otherwise they’re almost clones.

Google’s still going with a 6.2-inch FHD+ OLED display with similar bezels, and there are still two cameras around the back with a single front-facing camera. Nothing surprising here, but it shows that Google won’t be using the Pixel 5a to shake things up. The headphone jack is hanging on, though.

Google has always used the Pixel line to try and compete with tightly integrated hardware and software, as opposed to cramming in super high-end hardware features to try and stave off Samsung’s dominance. That seems like it’s only continuing as we see Google avoid putting quadruple camera setups and 4K screens in their devices. They can compete in the mid-range, which seems to be Android’s bread and butter lately, anyway.

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