Google teases Google Play Pass is coming soon

We know that a Google Play Pass is in the works from Google, and it looks to compete pretty closely with the upcoming Apple Arcade. Supposedly you’ll be able to pay one monthly fee to get access to a big variety of Google Play games and apps with no microtransactions, which sounds great! We just don’t know what games are included, or when it’ll release.

Netflix of Android games

Well, we still don’t know about the selection of games on the service, but it looks like it’ll be launching very soon. On Twitter Google has teased that it’s “almost time,” and Google Play Pass will be coming soon. If they’re beginning a social media push, it’s likely going to happen within the next couple weeks, and will probably coincide with the Pixel 4 launch. Can’t hurt to take some attention away from Apple, too.

We’re still curious about pricing, but what are your thoughts? How much are you willing to pay to have the Netflix of Android games and apps on your phone?

source: Google Play (Twitter)

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