Here’s how to send an Instagram on your PC or laptop without your phone

Instagram is definitely a mobile-first service, but they’ve slowly been expanding into being more desktop-friendly. For example, Facebook has just started adding DMs to the desktop version of Instagram, so you can chat without having to pick up your phone. Read on to find out how.

First up, head to Instagram’s website, and sign in with whatever account you want to use. You probably don’t use the website very often, since everyone pretty much only knows Instagram as an app, but it’s actually pretty functional.

Once you’re there, simply click the new Direct button to start a chat, or choose the option to start a conversation directly from someone’s profile. This will kick up a new chat screen just like on the app, and most of the functionality is the same. You can share photos, double tap to like messages, see your unread counts, and everything else.

Keep in mind that right now this feature hasn’t rolled out to everyone just yet; according to The Verge this is a small scale rollout right now, and only a percentage of users have access to it. Sit tight while that finishes, and hopefully you can make do with just your phone for a bit longer.

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