HomePod is now sold out at US Apple Store, after it was discontinued three months ago

Apple announced that it was discontinuing the original HomePod back in March, with Apple focusing its efforts on HomePod mini. The product has been listed as available ‘while supplies last’ since that time.

The space gray model sold out within a couple days of the announcement. The white model remained available to buy (price unchanged) up until today, at least in the United States.

The HomePod product page on the online store has not yet been removed. This suggests there may be some remaining stock still to work through. For example, the space grey HomePod is still listed as available in the UK.

When the iMac Pro was discontinued, all references to the model were removed from the online shop within a few hours of going out of stock.

Ever since its inception, the HomePod has been praised for its sound quality and criticized for its high price. The HomePod launched at $349 and was dropped to $299 a year after launch.

Despite its discontinuation, Apple has actually rolled out new features for the product that make it a more compelling choice for home theater use cases. Fans of the HomePod

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