How can technology leaders upskill a remote workforce?

There is no set blueprint for an effective upskilling program, as it is largely dependent upon motivation and need, but there is one critical component that leaders need to get right – and that’s employee engagement.

About the author

Sean Farrington is SVP EMEA at Pluralsight.

Fundamentally, if employees aren’t invested in a learning program, thus not understanding the objectives, then they simply won’t participate in the way that is needed to guarantee success. To drive employee engagement, technology leaders need to adopt and embrace a culture of learning. And this must begin at the very top. If employees witness senior leadership investing in the program, they will automatically have a better understanding of how their own learning and development feeds directly into the strategy of the business and its overall objectives. The c-suite should actively demonstrate their own involvement in upskilling, discussing its importance in all-hands or town hall meetings. After all, if they are not prepared to get involved, why should they expect their employees to?

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