How to Quickly Unfollow News Channels on Nintendo Switch

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If you’re tired of seeing Nintendo’s news channel advertisements every time you turn on your Nintendo Switch, it’s easy to unfollow multiple game news feeds (or news from Nintendo itself) using System Settings. Here’s how.

First, launch “System Settings” by selecting the “gear” icon on your home screen.

On the Switch HOME menu, select the "System Settings" gear icon.

In “System Settings,” select “System” in the sidebar, then scroll down and choose “News Channel Settings.”

In Nintendo Switch System Settings, select "System" then "News Channel Settings."

In “News Channel Settings,” select “Followed Channels.”

After that, tap or select a news channel that you’d like to unfollow from the list.

In Nintendo Switch News Channel Settings, select "Followed Channels." Then tap the news channel you'd like to unfollow.

You’ll be taken to a screen that shows details about that news channel. To unfollow the channel, tap the “Following” button just below the description.

In News Channel settings, tap "Following" to unfollow the channel.

You’ll see a message that says “You have unfollowed this channel.” Tap or select “OK.”

After that, press the “B” button to go back one screen to the channel list again. Repeat the steps above to unfollow as many channels as you’d like.

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