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Intel mistakenly promotes a MacBook Pro in its latest ad blunder

Intel’s on a hot streak when it comes to seemingly hypocritical or inconsistent ads, but it may have one-upped itself with its latest advertisement. A promoted Tweet highlighting Intel’s 11th Gen chips accidentally uses an image of a MacBook Pro. There are several layers to this ad, none of which look good for Intel.

Intel is in an ad war with Apple at the moment. The company has a series of ads placing Intel-powered Windows 10 PCs against Apple’s M1-powered MacBooks. Intel even hired Justin Long from the “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” ads to say he likes Intel-powered PCs.

Some might defend Intel by pointing out that the MacBook in the image is powered by an Intel processor. That would go against Intel’s previous advertising efforts to move away from MacBooks powered by Intel chips but could make sense in a way. Except for the fact that no MacBooks use Intel’s 11th Gen chips. Apple shifted to its own silicon, and no MacBook will ever use an 11th Gen Intel chip as far as we know.

The image in the ad appears to come from Getty Images. A series of photos includes the image in the ad as well as several similar images from different angles. These help verify that the device is indeed a MacBook Pro. One image also shows an Apple Magic Mouse being used next to the MacBook Pro.

There’s a good chance that this is just an innocent mistake, but it’s unfortunate for Intel given its latest campaigns against MacBooks.

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