Is Online Poker Still Worth It?

Poker has been around for what seems like ages, with some legends dating all the way back to the Wild West and even beyond that, all the way up to the old forgotten Persian Empire. Ok, that’s a whole nother subject to tackle, with many believing that the game’s origins are vastly different from what the original story implies.

But that doesn’t even matter all that much given the current context. What matters now is the burning question: is online poker still worth it? Can you still go from rags to riches by just getting into an online poker room and showing off your skills?Let’s try and find out.

What Does the Data Say?

There’s no question that the games and that a regular online poker room of today are much harder to beat than they were 20 years ago. In the 90s, only a select number of people would partake in online poker, with many pro players preferring the real thing at a brick and mortar casino.

Yes, poker is still very profitable in 2020 but you have to be willing to work hard to get it. It is not as easy to make big money in poker anymore. You have to study a lot more and have a professional approach to the game.

Even so, there are still a few pessimists who insist that online poker is dead. How could that be true if, in 2020, literally every other poker player flocked to the online medium because of the coronavirus pandemic? The thing is that the game can still be profitable, it’s just much more competitive.

Can You Make a Decent Living Playing Poker?

Yes, you can, but you can easily lose your living playing poker if you’re not careful or skilled enough. The idea of being able to cover all of your bills, live a good life, and even save some money on the side playing a game you love has a certain appeal. However, as with many things in life, playing poker for a living in 2020 isn’t all that easy.

The lifestyle is appealing, but you should really get a mentor that can guide you through the advanced learning process. So, yeah, go and learn some poker while you’re at it, and then you can come back again to your online rooms and try to live as a professional poker player.

Any Other Things to Add?

Many people who are not into gambling often underestimate just how popular online poker actually is. They see those pesky click-bait ads and they think that the industry is nothing more than a scam. Far from it.

Poker is practically engrained in the westerner’s mind at this point. Many states in the USA and a significant number of countries from Europe have a very high player pool that seems to never stop growing. 

And many might be surprised to know that the game is also gaining significant interest in Asia as well in places like Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. With all of this said, we don’t think Poker is dying at all. It’s as worth it as it’s ever been.