I’ve Paid to Complete Timely Payment at Huobi Token To Buy Digital Assets

Huobi Token (HT) has been trading 0.5% lower versus the dollar and now it is trading at $3.85. Buyers who are willing to buy digital assets at the Huobi exchange can use the I’ve Paid Option to complete timely payments.   Those buyers who cancel the order will be getting a cancellation record.  Anyone who is getting 3 cancellation orders will be barred from buying digital assets. 

Sometimes buyers might not accept the payment method and thereby might be a cancellation record and such records can be intimated to the customer service and the restriction can be lifted on the token.

About 20% of the revenue from the Huobi Contract and Huobi Global will be used for the repurchase and destruction of HT.  Huobi is used in the Huobi ecosystem.  There are several applications in the global business ecosystem of Huobi Group.  Valuable promotions are sustained by repurchase and destruction.

As a part of Huobi development plans, Huobi All Star VIP program was meant to significantly increase the amount of HT held and consumed. An innovative and efficient business listing model was put forth.  Prime and FastTrack Vote-to-list promotions were driven.  The HT votes received for the FastTrack listing project will be burnt.

The HT (Huobi Token) Destruction Record Publicity lists the destruction that has happened so far.  The last of the destruction were the 19th destruction, and the destruction time was 14:23:51, October 31, 2019 (GMT+8).  The destruction amount 131475.94784832 HT.

Per the “FastTrack Phase 10 Vote-to-List Premieres”, Huobi Global have destructed all the HT which were received during FastTrack Phase 10.

Chris Lee, CFO of Huobi Group, “We’ve seen increasing demand for products and services catered toward institutional clients this year,” further stating, “And with GIB, Huobi has once again attracted notice as a leading comprehensive cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions company.”

Huobi tokens are used to purchase art, hardware, event tickets, and a lot more from e-commerce and crypto platform FomoHunt. 

Oracle Engineer Leon Li created Huobi, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange.  The Huobi Token (HT) is the native currency of Huobi cryptocurrency and it is an ecosystem token, which provides for discounts to various trading events.  The foundation further expanded to Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Japan after China’s Bitcoin trade ban in year 2017.

More than 280 cryptocurrencies are supported by the exchange.  The exchange also supports OTC and derivatives futures trading.  The exchange processes more than $550 million worth of trades daily.   

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