Know the Type of Slot Machine You Play

The iGaming industry is constantly growing and evolving. It seems like hundreds of new games are hitting the market daily. With such a variety of choice any casino aficionado will surely find something that right up their alley. That said, there’s a certain category of games all players seem to know and love – slot games. Due to their engagement abilities and the ease of use, players old and new seem to enjoy slots equally.

But how well do you know your favorite slot machine? As easy and intuitive as slots may seem, there are still some things you need to know about them. For instance, there are numerous types of slot machines. That’s why it’s important to learn more about the type of slot machine you play in order to boost your chances.

Slot machine in a nutshell

Simply put, a slot machine is a casino-based game that uses a RNG to determine the outcome. It usually consists of a reel with some type of symbols, a pull lever or push buttons and a random number generator (RNG). Of course, there’s also the mechanism that keeps the whole thing running. Modern slot machines also rely on advanced software that keeps the odds as fair as possible. This, of course, is an over-simplified description of slot machines in general. There are numerous other factors that diversify this favorite casino machine. So, let’s learn more about them.


With this type of slot machines, the paytable features one row and one column. The row is reserved for the winning combinations and the column for each coin you can play. Multiplier is usually considered to be the most beginner-friendly type of slots. This is due to the fact that the lowest payout you can expect is precisely how much you’ve put into the machine. This means that the possibility of losing everything you’ve invested is next to none. Multiplier slots can be either straight or bonus multipliers, so let’s see what the difference is.

Straight multiplier slot machine

Straight multipliers will pay out the same amount of money for each coin you play with each winning combo. Here, each column represents the payout for one coin you play. The payout for one coin is multiplied by the number of coins you’ve played. What this means is that choosing to play more than one coin per spin is simply a waste of the bankroll.

Bonus multipliers

With bonus multipliers, you can expect to get a bonus every time you play full coin. Here, winning will potentially bring you greater profit as they are not solely based on multiplying the coins played. However, while it is true that bonus multipliers offer bigger winnings, they’re usually quite sparse. That means that bonus multipliers offer a decent long-term payback. But if you’re looking for just quick fun, straight multipliers are probably a better choice for you.

Slot volatility

Another factor that affects gameplay is slot volatility. To be more precise, there are high variance and low variance slot machines. In short, slot volatility measures the overall performance of slot machines. There are three main types of slot volatility and they are low, medium and high variance slots. The variance of all slot machines is pre-programmed and it’s based on the RNG. Slot variance can sometimes be quite difficult to determine, as there’s no way to know it other than to measure it yourself. However, thanks to the online casino user reviews, you can nowadays easily find more information about slot volatility online.

Buy-a-pay slot machine

Buy-a-pay slot machines usually have a bad reputation solely due to the fact that players don’t always read the rules carefully. With buy-a-pay slots, you need to deposit a full coin if you want to activate all possible winning combos. Otherwise, you may get the winning combination without actually getting the money. So, with buy-a-pay slots you need to be careful. Sometimes, it can also happen that players don’t play full coin by mistake. This can easily lead to dissatisfaction and frustration. Buy-a-pay slot machines have multiple boxes. Each box is reserved for every coin you pay. So, the first one shows your winnings if you play only one coin and so on.

Hybrid slots

Hybrid slots – as the name suggests – are the combination of multiplier and buy-a-play slots. The most commonly require three coins to play. Sometimes, the number of coins required to play can be greater but it’s never lower. With hybrid slots, the first coin buys the initial combinations. The second coin unlocks specific game-model combinations while the third one multiplies the previous two combos. When payouts are concerned, you can expect to get less than a push. However, you can sometimes expect more than 100% payout. That’s why you should always play as many coins as necessary to unlock all the winning combinations.

Online slots

Online slots, although not exactly machines per se, also fall under this category. There are various online slots on the market which is why you always need to read the rules carefully. Online slots, while heavily relying on the original concept have the freedom to take things a bit further. For instance, they can feature more than three reels and various bonuses. This leaves room for multiple different combos. So, even if you’re used to playing brick-and-mortar slot machines, make sure you find a useful guide on online slots before you decide to try them out.

As you can see, even though slot games are quite fun to play, there’s still quite a bit to learn about them. The more you are familiar with the type of slot machine you’re playing, the better your odds will be. That’s why you should familiarize yourself with different types of slots before you decide to try your luck. Of course, you can enjoy a game of slots even if you don’t do any prior research. But you need to be aware that that way, you’ll be lowering your chances to win.