Lenovo unveils new additions for its Legion gaming laptop range at CES 2021

There have been some great gaming laptops announced at CES 2021 so far, with a visible trend for the “best of both worlds” to combine powerful gaming hardware with a muted, professional exterior that’s suitable for working and gaming alike.

Not to be outdone, not only is Lenovo throwing its own contender into that ring, but we’re seeing a small regiment of new additions to the Legion gaming range to battle various niches in the gaming laptop industry. Details for the launch dates and prices of the four Legion laptops and the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming laptop can be found below.

US Launch dates and prices

  • The Lenovo Legion 7 | $1,669.99 (around £1,250, AU$2,200) | June 2021
  • The Lenovo Legion Slim 7 | price unknown| May 2021 
  • The Lenovo Legion 5 | $769.99 (around £590, AU$1,000) | March 2021 
  • The Lenovo Legion 5 Pro | $999.99 (around £740, AU$1,300) | March 2021
  • The Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 | $669.99 (around £510, AU$900) | June 2021

The new Lenovo Legion line for 2021 promises a exciting few things across the collection, starting with an 18% improvement on airflow when compared to the previous generation of Legion gaming laptops. This is credited to something called the Legion Coldfront 3.0 thermals that can improve both heat and noise management.

AI is also being integrated into the laptops to automatically enable the best settings and framerates for your game, making for a more seamless experience when you’re playing. This Lenovo Legion AI engine promises to channel power between your CPU and GPU for optimal performance based on what style of game you’re playing.

Whilst individual specifications have yet to be confirmed, Lenovo has stated that the range will feature next-gen AMD Ryzen mobile processors and the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX laptop GPUs, both of which are also expected to be announced at CES 2021. 

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Lenovo Legion 7 2021

The Lenovo Legion 7 (Image credit: Lenovo)

The Lenovo Legion 7

The Lenovo Legion 7 | $1669.99 | June 2021

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Lenovo Legion Slim 7

The Lenovo Legion Slim 7 (Image credit: Lenovo)

The Lenovo Legion Slim 7

The Lenovo Legion Slim 7 | price unknown| May 2021 

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