‘Live Like a Royal, Within Your Very Own MANSION’ – Newly Launched Crypto-Token Offers NFT Marketplace, Exclusive Gala Events, Live Webcams and Interactive Digital Experience

COLOGNE, Germany, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MANSION (https://mansiontoken.com/) recently announced the official launch of its new community-driven crypto project, celebrating with an inaugural public sale via popular crypto exchange, PancakeSwap. The MANSION token (MNS) is a deflationary yield token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with an evolving array of real-world luxury applications. More than just another crypto-token, MANSION is a complete immersive experience, allowing investors to become fully involved by living the lavish lifestyle of their dreams.

“The MANSION platform is intended to be a sensuous location for luxury pursuits, including live webcams, models, and an entire NFT art ecosystem,” said the MANSION Team. “We’re also planning a whole series of global events where MANSION investors get to attend as VIPs, with unprecedented access to invite-only parties. The platform itself is fully democratic, allowing each holder to have their say about the future of the platform itself. But rather than voting on just esoteric, code-based changes, these decisions have real-world applications our investors can see: new art, new models, new events, and best of all – new MANSIONs to explore.”

MANSION: The Token

Serving as the native currency of the ecosystem, the MNS token derives value from the ongoing series of projects and events taking place both on the platform and in the real world. MNS is a BSC BEP20 token with an initial fixed supply of one quadrillion tokens, with fully half burnt at launch. Further increasing the value, every MNS transaction is assessed a 10% fee: 1% of each transaction (buy/sell) redistributed to all holders, 1% burnt to reduce supply, and 8% of each transaction transferred to the liquidity pool, providing capital for all MANSION projects – including building the very first real-world mansion for investors to explore. All transactions to both the burn address and liquidity pool are fully transparent and viewable by the MANSION community at any time.

MANSION: The Experience

  • Deflationary token with real-world applications and consistent demand; rewards stakeholders through participation in product and VIP project offerings.
  • A fully interactive hub for events, exclusive content, and digital products that maintain a luxurious profile, including a world-class modeling platform with member-voted models.
  • NFT marketplace where digital art can be created, sold, and traded for other products within the MNS ecosystem. Each piece of NFT art will be voted on, boosted, and potentially produced in physical form, by and for the community.

For the latest MANSION investment opportunities, upcoming events and token info, follow MNS on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Telegram.


Taking a slightly different but far more fun approach to the crypto space, MANSION is the first digital token of its kind: a crypto-based brand totally dedicated to the finer things in life. Combining nearly every area of the luxury market into one ecosystem, MANSION will build opulent mansions worldwide, hosting delightfully decadent events featuring top models wearing the latest fashion and accessories produced by the MANSION community. Explore a new approach to luxury tokenomics at: www.MansionToken.com.

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Hidro Youssef

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