Math-E learns the times tables, an educational maths app for iOS and Android

Didactoons, a Spanish educational video game studio, has let us try out Math-E learns the
times tables, one of its latest educational apps available for iOS and Android devices, with
which they want to reinforce the subject of mathematics in children.

Math-E learns the times tables is a multiplication game that features a robot, Math-E. As
soon as we enter the game, we can choose the game mode we want to enjoy: single player
mode or 1 vs 1 mode. The difference between the two modes is that the 1 vs 1 mode allows
you to share the game with a friend on the same device and show who is the king of

The Didactoons educational app is made up of a multitude of educational mini-games that
teach children the multiplication tables in an orderly, random or reverse fashion, whichever
they prefer to make the challenge more fun and reinforce their knowledge.

Each level of Math-E learns the times tables, invites you to improve your high score and
gain game experience to be able to personalise our robot protagonist, all accompanied by
Dance music. With just a few minutes of play a day, it is proven that they can improve their
mathematical performance.

There are two versions of Math-E learns the times tables: free and premium. The free
version allows you to play several levels at no extra cost, while the premium version adds
new levels and improvements to make it a much more attractive game at a price of 2.29€.
With Math-E learns the times tables, Didactoons has several educational objectives, that
children improve in mental arithmetic, learn to multiply, increase their mathematical
processing speed and, especially, have fun with mathematics. You can download the game
now on Google Play and App Store.