Microsoft Edge now lets you add an Outlook Smart Tile to its new tab page

Edge Dev Hero 2020 NewfeatureSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft Edge just got a new feature that makes it easier to keep track of your recent emails. On the new tab page of Microsoft’s browser, you can now enable an Outlook Smart Tile. This tile shows your three most recent emails and shortcuts to create a new email or event.

To use the feature, you have to add Outlook as a website to Edge’s new tab page. Outlook should appear as a suggestion when you click the “+” button to add a website. You will then have the option to enable the Outlook Smart Tile.

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Microsoft announced the feature back in January, and it was spotted in action by Reddit user Leopeva64-2. The feature appeared for Leopeva64-2 on Edge Canary, but it’s also available on the stable version of Edge, at least for some people. I have the option on Edge stable, but there’s a chance that the feature is rolling out gradually.

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Microsoft Edge has a new feature that lets you add an Outlook Smart Tile to the browser’s new tab page. With it, you can see your most recent emails and use shortcuts to create a new email or event.

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