Mix 96 – News – Aylesbury woman sharing message of hope with hospital workers

A woman from Aylesbury is trying to bring some colour to the staff working at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Allie Girling is creating rainbow tokens for teams working flat-out at the moment.

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She told us more about what she’s making:

“On it it says: ‘Here is a pocket-size rainbow of hope to get you through the storm’.

“My idea was for an NHS worker to keep it in their pocket and every time when things get tough, they can reach into their pocket and know they have got people behind them.”

Allie told us she wanted to do something useful:

“Being at home all the time in the lockdown, I just felt a bit useless and knowing that they are out there, on the frontline, putting their lives at risk…

“I just wanted to come up with an idea that would possibly bring a smile to a NHS worker’s face, give them a bit of hope.”

Each token & card will be presented in a clear pocket and can be purchased for £5, with £3 from each pack purchased donated towards the NHS wish-lists and JustGiving pages in Buckinghamshire.

Get involved here.

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