More evidence that Apple’s iPhone could get a controversial change this year

Apple’s next generation of iPhones could be unveiled in September and, along with introducing 5G network technology, they could feature one very controversial change. And it’s likely to be the most controversial tweak since the 3.5mm headphone port was dropped from the handset four years ago.

Rumours are rife that the US-based technology firm is planning to remove all the extra accessories that usually ship inside the box. That means fans could find themselves with only a phone and some instructions when they get the shiny new device delivered to their door on launch day. Maybe even a few complimentary Apple stickers in the box, if you’re lucky.

It might sound like a strange decision from Apple, but removing the wall plug, charging cable, and bundled Lightning-connected headphones that usually come with new phones does make some sense.

Most iPhone owners already have drawers full of these items and the decision could help reduce tons of electronic waste. There’s also extra packaging needed to put a plug and headphones in the box.

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