Netflix to cancel accounts unused for 1 or 2 years


I find it hard to believe that in this global lockdown people with a Netflix account haven’t watched either The Tiger King or The Last Dance documentaries. If this is you and you haven’t watched anything for a while then you might find your account is about to close.

Netflix have announced that any accounts that have been inactive for a year will see their owners emailed and notifications sent and asked if they want to keep it. Those accounts that have been dormant (or surely just completely forgotten about despite that odd monthly payment to those people called Netflix….) for two years will receive the same notifications. All of these accounts will then be closed if the owners fail to reply.

The good news is that if your account is closed but you resign up within 10 months then your profiles will remain and you can get back to where you were in The Vampire Diaries.

The number of accounts that are unused is in the hundreds of thousands. Anyone wanting to keep their account will simply need to reply OR JUST WATCH THE MICHAEL JORDAN DOCUMENTARY ALREADY!!

Is your Netflix account in danger?

Have you had the email or notification? Will you keep your account? Let us know your thoughts (on the MJ and Tiger King docos) in the comments below!

Source: Netflix blog

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